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person standing on gray rock
person standing on gray rock

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On Top of The Rock

Walking on top of the mountain can be a terrifying event. Looking down takes courage and one wrong move can cost you, but what a beautiful view.

birds-eye view of cityscape under blue sky
birds-eye view of cityscape under blue sky

Affiliate Marketing

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turned-on monitor
turned-on monitor

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Walmart Spark Here!

April 10, 2023 last week I started working for Walmart again and I had a blast. The pay is decent depending on the time of day you go out delivering. This is my second week and I am still learning all the loops and ends to becoming better driver. I will leave you a link so you can check it out for yourself and start making easy money. The best part of is you get to work anytime you are available once you sign up and hit that I'm available button. The process to becoming a spark driver is you must past a backround check and have a valid drivers license without having any DUI in the last 7 years. So, if you are interested in learning more go ahead and hit HERE ( Code LAI6WY7Z ) and you will go to my YouTube channel and go to description on the video and you should be fine from there.Thank you and hope you can make lots of money!

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Easter Clearance Here!

This year, Easter is on a Sunday, April 9, 2023 so make sure to check out the Easter Saving at Every year Easter changes from March to April. Easter Sunday(Gregorian calendar -Eastern Orthodox Church)Julian calendar date converted to Gregorian. So, next year Easter will be on March 31, 2024. And year 2025 Easter will fall on April 20, 2025 and so forth.

"Good Oh Friday"

I woke up early this morning not knowing what my day will bring. Then I heard the birds chirping outside so I got out of my bed to feed them, the birds always wait for me to rise up as they know it's feeding time. That is how I know what time it is. Then I fix me my favorite breakfast meal in the morning oat meal. I ran out of bananas to go with my breakfast, so I had saved me some leftover doughnut holes. Yummy! Now I must decided what to do. I might go and check out this trail I came across last week while driving home. If I do go I will make sure to post it here.

Oh Yeah, did I mention "Happy Friday". To be continued....

March 31, 2023 Time 9:19 am..

Happy Friday Everyone!! How is everyone feeling today?I wrote on my journal yesterday and hope you all read it . If not, what are you waiting for! Let me ask you one quick question. Who will be watching Backlash tomorrow night? You can watch it on peacock for free with a paid subscription. Check it out! Today I got up with less pain but I can still feel pain on my right side leg. To be honest with myself I'm sure it is something I slept on like the remote control. Why? Because making the bed guess what I found the tv control. I really hope that is what it is or else maybe I need to see a doctor. I will give my body another day off of rest before that step happens. Well that is all I have to write for today.

By the way today is 5 De Mayo so you if promise me please don't drink and drive. Remember 55 saves lives!! To continued....

" Oh, Happy Friday"

May 05, 2023 Time 7:45pm..

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